Are you happy?

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Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to  Jaci, founder of, which is all about inspiration and gratitude, vitality and creativity.  She explores what makes us happy, come alive, what inspires us to think about the things that light us up from the inside.  What makes us truly happy.

Happiness IS a choice

Happiness can be a word like Nice or Fine. It can mean a lot of things. According to the 1980’s advertisement “Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet”. Really? Is that all it takes? 

In the same way that the Bard said Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no two people’s happiness looks the same. Each person needs to truly define what happiness is for them in order to find their path to it. We need to really paint the picture in detail, then put ourselves inside it and feel it deep down. That way we can recognize it when we catch a glimpse of it and know the route to track it down.

Sometimes, after a lifetime of being told what we like and what will make us happy, it can be hard to really know for ourselves. What do I love? We have to peel back the layers of what our last boyfriend enjoyed that we molded ourselves around, what our girlfriends were all doing, our family traditions, to find the jewels inside. There may be an element there that appealed to us, beyond the fitting in thing, even if it wasn’t a perfect fit. Perhaps what you enjoyed about the Saturday Football game was actually the atmosphere in the crowd and watching the passion on the fan’s faces. The game itself just left you feeling cold and bored. Those shopping trips to the local mall? Again, perhaps it was the people watching, the community of your girlfriends over coffee and the matching of colors to make a lovely outfit for your insecure friend, even if the commercialism of the mall made you feel dirty and broke.

Finding our way to the heart of our happiness is a process of discovery. That is why I love to host Thankful Thursday at Because it gives me a chance to really be grateful for the things, big and small, that have made me happy. I love reliving the joys of watching my 2 boys snuggled up on the top bunk this morning poring over a magazine together. Of remembering the tasty savory pancakes I cooked yesterday. Of noticing the snowdrops flowering in the grassy bank.

What we appreciate, appreciates, as the saying goes. And it is true that we can choose happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Some days I just don’t choose happiness. I have no idea why, still a throwback from drama queen days perhaps. Lets face it, oftentimes people around us talk up the drama. Rarely are movies made of sweetly contented people enjoying their one precious life. But quite frankly, I think I can live in the knowledge that Julia Roberts won’t be playing me in the movie of my life. That way, I get to be the star of my life, and I choose Happiness!

I hope you enjoyed Jaci’s article. It is truly empowering when you come to the realization that happiness really is a choice. I remember when I discovered that truth and my life has been amazing ever since.

We would love to hear what make you deeply happy, what lights your inner fire! Please share by leaving a comment.

Much love + Gratitude,



2 responses to “Are you happy?

  1. Hey Tia
    Thanks for hosting my first guest post! x

  2. A really lovely post! I love the idea of Thankful Thursdays 🙂

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